Global Peace Ambassador / Humanitarian / Celebrities, Athletes & Elected Officials Vision & Strategist

1. What Is Survival?   The act of surviving, especially under adverse circumstances.

2. What Is Thriving?   To prosper; be fortunate or successful.

3. What Is Sur-Thrival?   A self-defined term that combines the act of internally surviving and externally thriving which creates mix life messages, that result in a unbalance of peace in one’s life.

Who Is Jacob M. Smith?

Jacob M. Smith is a Universal Peace Federation (Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council) Peace Ambassador, Reebok Human Rights & Humanitarian Award Nominee, Emmy Awards Nominee, Bronze Apple Media Award Winner, TEDx Moderator, Public Speaker, Certified Expeditionary Educator, Certified Midwest Academy Community Organizer, and Founder and CEO of Common Sensibly.






Elected Officials

Jacob M. Smith Facilitates The Relationships Between:

       The Reason Jacob Is Dedicated To 

Born in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn and early in Jacob M. Smith's life, peace was a spiritual component safely secured within the infrastructure of the Jehovah Witness practice. With both parents being Jehovah Witnesses, Jacob M. Smith founded himself immersed with family, friends, love and lots of fun.   

At 15 years of age, that all changed when Jacob M. Smith lost his mother to cancer. As a result, Jacob became consumed with such a depth of fueled the creation of a "I'm taking mines" mentality. 

Couple that experience with Jacob M. Smith nearly losing his own life on the streets after being stabbed four times and shot once, Jacob took it upon himself to elevate his life by de-fusing anger through peace.

Undoubtedly, to Jacob, this meant that peace starts in the mind and transfers into the actions we take, which leaves us with a life that people either despise or revere.

From this transformation, Jacob M. Smith now wants to help create a peaceful life for celebrity's, athlete's and elected official's through live experience metaphors, conversations and his life experiences.


Jacob M. Smith's Rotation circle supports the awareness journey of each client by:

1. Communication- with each client to get a feel of their approach to the live experience.

2. Discovery- of the important areas of focus of the client.

3. Strategy- identified with the client for the best live experience fit.

4. Implementation- facilitating the follow up support to further nurture the client's awareness journey.

5. Ongoing Management- that keeps the client focused on using additional resources for their awareness journey.  


How Jacob M. Smith Assess And Closes Each Situation!

Upon entering a place, I quickly assess the physical environment to determine which materials are my tools for metaphor teaching.

Secondly, I sit and converse with the client to gain a sense of everyone's thought process.

Once I gather key information, I map out the steps for delivery of each specific metaphor to the client.

The aim of the meeting is not to provide them advice or counsel on anything....but to stay current and use the needed materials as a guide for shifting their thinking about the situation from negativity to peace.

Thereafter, I close with conversational focus-points, which helps the client to utilize consistent common sense.