Global Peace Ambassador
Urban Humanitarian


- Linking Youth & Adult Violence Strategies To Our Survival Mindset
- Creating Peace-Conscious Tactics That Breaks Pass The Survival Mindset
- Facilitating Conflict Resolution Skills While In Survival Mode
- Converting Anger Into A Results-Driven Action Plan For Thriving
- Understanding Our Community's Of Survival From Our Similarities 
- Shifting Our Mentality Toward Spirit-Building Thoughts For Peaceful Thriving
- Building Diverse People, Places & Things Connections For Our Thriving Awareness

Are You In Sur-thrivial Mode?

Jacob M. Smith

Jacob M. Smith is a Universal Peace Federation (Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council) Peace Ambassador, Reebok Human Rights & Humanitarian Award Nominee, Emmy Awards Nominee, Bronze Apple Media Award Winner, TEDx Moderator, Public Speaker, Expeditionary Educator, Midwest Academy (Certified) Community Organizer, and Founder and CEO of Common Sensibly. 

*As Seen On And In The Media*


Jacob M. Smith is not a licensed therapist.

Jacob M. Smith is a certified Expeditionary Educator and Community Organizer that uses live experiences as a guide for common sense personal awareness from his own experiences.

Expeditionary education is often associated with adventure education, outdoor education, environmental education, or experiential education and refers specifically to learning associated with exploration and journey-based experiences or expeditions within these fields.

Usually involving elements of challenge, adventure, and leadership, expeditionary education can take place in a variety of settings including classrooms, outdoors and virtual spaces (the internet).

Participants in expeditionary education can be directly involved in the expedition, or may be linked to expeditions by others.